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Consider the comfort and convenience of a complete bathroom anywhere. Toilet anywhere or kitchen anywhere … and the extra value it adds to your home!

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Bathroom anywhere does not rely on gravity to discharge water. Instead, when you flushed toilet, the macerator pump allowing to waste be pumped up directly into the home’s main waste water line.

So, our system does not depend on gravity to get rid of waste matter.

Macerator pump

completely pulverizes all waste into liquid and then pumps it through a standard pipe into sewer system. Firstly, the macerator is automatically activated each time the toilet is flushed. Secondly, once the system is finished the macerator deactivates, the toilet refills with water and the tank is fresh and ready to be used again.

Saniflo Installation

Thirdly, most installations are done under the stairs. Turning that cluttered closet into a usable and convenient extra toilet. If you find climbing the stairs to use the bathroom a struggle then bathroom anywhere is for you !! Many houses have only one bathroom, with larger families queuing for the bathroom can be a pain. Adapting your home may become necessary as you grow older. You may also need to adapt your home if you or a family member has a disability.

Not only is Saniflo practical but it is also economical and hassle-free. The toilet uses only 6 litres per flush, and takes up to 7 seconds for a complete cycle insuring minimal power consumption. A Saniflo can be installed on top of finished flooring, without breaking the concrete and since the waste is pumped through a standard pipe is requires only minor construction.

In addition to toilet waste certain Saniflo can also discharge gray water from other sanitary fixtures in the bathroom such as a sink, bathtub, shower, laundry sink, bidet and washing machine. For showers and bathtubs a base will need to be constructed for the installation of a P-trap. A washing machine will require an indirect connection.

Toilet anywhere / Saniflo installation

process comes without the mess and expenses. Also there is no installing of underground plumbing or reservoir tanks This makes Bathroom anywhere the lowest cost option to install a bathroom. Saving you thousands of Euros.

We can provide free site survey to see if your space is suitable for toilet anywhere.

Installation includes:

  • all pipe works and electrical
  • wash hand basin with hot and cold water
  • WC pan
  • macerator pump
  • LED light with switch if required.

With no obligation can be yours from € 1.400. Installation can take place over a weekend at no extra charge.

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